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5 Benefits of Incorporating Live Streaming with Influencers in Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

E-commerce brands today are constantly exploring new platforms and avenues to engage customers. And the latest addition making waves is live-stream shopping with influencers.

Experts affirm that collaborating with influencers provides huge opportunities for brands to expand their reach beyond usual channels like Google and social media ads. According to recent reports, live video commerce is gaining rapid traction, expected to balloon into a $25 billion market by 2023.

So what makes influencer live shopping such an exciting ecommerce prospect? Let's analyze the key drivers spurring adoption:

Authentic Engagement

Pre-recorded content on an influencer's feed provides one level of connection. But live video takes engagement to the next level. Viewers feel like they're part of a real conversation, with chances to interact directly with influencers and brands via chat or comments. This authentic engagement helps humanize brands.

Plus, influencers exude genuineness and authority cultivated over time through consistent bonding with their audience. Their recommendation comes across as a trusted friend's advice, greatly boosting purchase intent.

Immersive Product Showcasing

In a livestream session, influencers can provide in-depth product demonstrations not possible through regular posts. Viewers gain a detailed look at features and see products in real life settings.

Influencers focus on key selling points, highlight different use cases, and answer audience questions on the fly - helping create a immersive showcasing experience. This builds confidence in buyers unsure about judging products solely through photos.


Shopping merges seamlessly with entertainment in an engaging live stream. Viewers not only discover new products but also get entertained by their favorite influencer's personality - blending information with humor and style.

The thrill of exclusive deals, time-bound offers and incentives introduced during the stream further spurs excitement. This addictive shoppertainment formula keeps users hooked while offering brands extended visibility.

Behind-the-Scenes Access

Livestreams give viewers a special fly-on-the-wall view into influencers' real lives. Fans relish the chance to see inside their homes, daily routines or get glimpses of their personal style outside carefully curated posts.

Brands also benefit from having influencers share behind-the-scenes glimpses of photoshoots, events or company visits - making followers feel part of an exclusive inner circle.

Data-Driven Insights

Dozens of tools now allow brands to gain robust analytics from live shopping sessions. Metrics like minutes viewed, products liked, items added to cart and audience engagement levels offer rich insights.

Analytics identify best selling items, guide inventory decisions, reveal ideal price points and help assess ROI from live stream initiatives. The quantifiable data allows optimizing future streams.

With these compelling benefits, influencer live streaming represents an unmissable opportunity for ecommerce brands to delight and convert modern audiences.

Let's look at strategies for executing effective campaigns:

Strategic Influencer Partnerships

As with all influencer initiatives, choose those with an authentic connection to your brand. Align values, positioning and aesthetics for seamless blending during live streams.

Look for influencers proficient on live platforms like YouTube, Instagram Live or newer apps like NTWRK - with engaging personalities and niche authority in your categories. Makeup, fashion and tech influencers often see huge traction.

Nail the Product Assortment

Curate products strategically for live streams rather than displaying your entire catalog. Focus on hero SKUs, latest launches, or items that lend themselves to demos - for example, cosmetics, gadgets, accessories.

Showcasing too many products can overwhelm viewers. Spotlight exciting finds to hook viewers and inspire urgent purchases.

Prep Influencers Extensively

Set up product reveals, discounts and interactive elements to punctuate the stream. But avoid overly scripting it - some spontaneity enhances authenticity. Ensure influencers are familiar with key features and FAQs.

Brief them on talking points related to your brand values and purpose too. Draft some questions and comments they can ask to spur engagement.

Promote the Event

Build buzz by announcing the live stream via email, social media, and influencer posts. Share timing details, product highlights and special promotions to catalyze excitement.

Post reminders leading up to the event so followers can tune in. Share clips after to continue momentum.

Incentivize Viewers

Encourage participation through exclusive giveaways, time-limited coupons and gift cards for commenting or sharing.

Prompt viewers to follow your brand and turn on notifications so they're alerted about the next live session. Offer early access to sales for loyal followers.

Refine the Technology

Reduce glitches by testing streaming software and internet connections extensively beforehand. Use platforms allowing seamless browsing, discounted checkout and shoppable links.

Ensure clear audio and lighting. Set up multiple cameras for visual variety. Monitor chat and comments in real-time to identify and quickly resolve issues.

Analyze and Optimize

Track performance metrics like sales, reach, viewership duration and engagement levels. Survey audiences directly for feedback on improvements.

Keep refining based on data - trying different product mixes, promotion types, stream formats and influencer partnerships. This agility is key for ongoing success.

The possibilities with live influencer commerce are endless. It represents an interactive, shoppable and entertaining channel primed for ecommerce growth. Are you ready to tap into its potential? Let's discuss strategies tailored for your brand at Marcadors.

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